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In response to the technological development trend of cross-domain integration such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, Internet of Things technology, smart manufacturing, and big data analysis, our school integrated the former School of Engineering and the School of Information to establish the College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in 2018.

The College integrates five departments of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optoelectronics and materials, and Ph.D. Program in Engineering Science.High-quality professionals with theoretical and practical experience.

The teaching and research development of our college emphasizes the cultivation of theoretical foundations and pays more attention to the combination of theory and practice so that the development of theoretical training and practical experience is equally important.

1. Thick planting of basic professional knowledge

2. Cultivate practical information and engineering science talentse

3. Cultivate independent thinking and innovation ability

4. Cultivate the spirit of teamwork in professional ethics

5. Inspire life-long learning of humanistic quality

Based on the above educational goals, our students' basic abilities are divided into "core abilities" and "basic literacy". The core competence of the college refers to the professional ability that students should possess, and the basic quality of the college refers to the attitude and skills that students should possess.

1. "Core competency" includes three items: "mathematical ability", "information ability" and "practical ability".

2. "Basic literacy" includes "Engineering Ethics" and "Interpersonal Communication".