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Dean's words :

Chung Hua University is adjacent to Hsinchu Science Park, National Tsing Hua University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Hsinchu University of Education, and Industrial Technology Research Institute. It is located in a place where academia and high-tech industries gather, and it is the best place to give consideration to both theory and practice, and to combine teaching and industry.

Given the rapid and diverse development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology, and smart manufacturing-related technologies, and the urgent demand for senior engineering and technological talents, Chung Hua University has integrated the research energy and teaching of Computer Science and Information Engineering, s, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other departments in the College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering was established in 2018.

In line with the pulse of the information age, the school promotes the development of teaching and research centered on information and makes the cultivation of talents in line with the national long-term science and technology manpower training policy. To meet the actual needs of the industrial, commercial and industrial circles, industry elites are hired to teach practical courses to cultivate professional engineering and technical talents that meet the needs of the industry, to comprehensively improve the quality of teaching, strengthen the core value of teaching, and strengthen the learning effect and professional ability of students. Cultivate engineering and technological talents with both technological and humanistic qualities to meet the needs of senior professionals in the Greater Hsinchu Science Park and Zhunan Science Park, and implement the policy of staying in Taiwan for research and development.

The college has a complete academic environment and excellent professional teachers. The four departments of the college have their advantages and characteristics:

✧ The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering has achieved fruitful results in teaching and research and has received several research projects from the Ministry of Science and Technology and grants from the Ministry of Education's Information Rooting Program every academic year.

The Department of Electrical Engineering integrates the four major fields of communication, optoelectronics, electronic circuits, and system control, and is the cradle for the cultivation of high-tech talents.

✧ The Department of Mechanical Engineering students are the most widely distributed engineering talents in the workplace. Precision machinery, 3C and semiconductor industries, intelligent engineering design, aviation industry, green energy, and automobile industries are all places where graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering can show their talents.

✧ The Department of Optoelectronics and Materials Engineering course design breaks away from the boring model of classroom teaching in the past. The course incorporates hands-on unit design and uses topic-oriented course planning to cultivate optoelectronic system design talents.

Facing the challenges and competition of high-tech in the 21st century, our college will continue to expand hardware and software research equipment, and establish a comprehensive basic teaching laboratory that is comprehensive, professional, and popular, perfect, innovative, and forward-looking. The overall plan is to build the best college of Computer Science and Information Engineering in the country, with the goal of cultivating outstanding talents and creating brilliant teaching and scientific research achievements. It is expected that the school will be as famous as the world's first-class schools and step onto the international stage.